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Baby ko Bass Pasand Hain – the resounding success story of boAt

Launched in 2016, boAt has become a well-recalled and highly celebrated startup brand in a short span of 6 years. Businesswise too, boAt is sailing pretty in the market – leading the Indian wearables market with a 34.3% market share in 2022, growing at a 76.6% y-o-y rate.¹ boAt’s rise to this success has not … Read more

K-12 Ed-Tech in Post-Pandemic World- an inevitable course correction or a missed opportunity?

Note: This article is scoped for B2C segment in K-12 Ed-Tech industry in India. Also, while much has been written about the topic from ed-tech companies’ perspective, in this article we have taken a consumer cut- a lot of which has been informed by BusyBeeBrands primary research among parents and students across India. April 2020 … Read more

Marketing to Fandoms: From WHAT? To WOW!

This is part of an ongoing series of FreeFlowing articles penned by guest authors. Our guest author for the day is Vineet Kanabar. Vineet Kanabar is a creator among marketers and a marketer among creators. He’s led marketing teams at Startups and MNCs, built content marketing strategies & capabilities and delivered 100s of millions of … Read more

Newsletters we love

In today’s knowledge economy, perhaps trading your contact id and some level of personal data in exchange for the promise of a periodic value add is the ultimate form of trust-based transaction. The best newsletters to subscribe to are well worth their weight in gold in such transactions. For the price of a name and … Read more

How Zomato delivers great content every time

Introduction – Discovering the recipe Back in July 2012, the then VP Marketing of Zomato, Pramod Rao, said something quite interesting, and frankly, quite revolutionary for the time. In an interview with Social Samosa, he said, “Social networks are a means of communication and not an advertising platform. Communicating with fans and followers makes a … Read more

5 interesting podcasts worth listening to

The podcast scene is exploding across the world. Every publisher of repute has started to include podcasts in their content strategy. In 2019, Spotify had a war chest of $500 Mn for podcast company acquisitions. In 2020, Amazon invested approximately $300 Mn to acquire the podcast network Wondery. There’s good reason for all this enthusiasm. … Read more

Picture abhi wonky hai

Note from the FreeFlowing team: This week we return with another guest article. This one was penned by Manu Prasad, who is no stranger to WinnerBrands. The CMO of Scripbox, Manu has interacted with us several times before, for instance, this podcast where he sat down with Gurudev to talk about how challenger brands are … Read more

Spotify India’s communication- A case of Spot-On messaging

“We are now the clear number one music streaming service in India, judging by engagement. As engagement grows, our playbook momentum continues to increase.” – Alex Norström, the chief freemium business officer at Spotify, sounded happy, and perhaps a little relieved when he spoke these words at the Spotify Investor Day presentation in early June … Read more

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Celebrity Endorsements- Pros, Pitfalls, and Principles

Download our free Marketing White Paper

Celebrity Endorsements- Pros, Pitfalls, and Principles

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