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Yun Hi Chala Chal – 5 lessons from 5 years of WinnerBrands

It has been 5 years since we started WinnerBrands. During this period, we have seen both ups and downs- that include growing revenue and burning money every month, temporarily pausing our operations, pivoting to a different business model and finally building a profitable business that counts some of the largest and fastest-growing organizations among its … Read more

It’s a Four – 4 Blockbuster campaigns that beautifully addressed strategic imperatives

The job of advertising is to communicate product benefit, increase brands’ top-of-mind recall and enable it to remain in consumers’ consideration. But some pieces of communication go above and beyond this and bring about a paradigm shift in how the brand and the category are perceived. Let’s look at a few brand campaigns over the … Read more

Ek Aur Ek Gyarah – When Brand Collaborations Create Consumer Love

Brand Collaboration is a strategic partnership between two brands to create an offering that benefits both brands and their respective consumers. The right collab can help a brand tap into an additional consumer base that mirrors its own and offer its own patrons an additional reason to choose the brand. Also, given that each party … Read more

De De Pyaar De – How our favourite global brands demand loyalty

The classic definition of Brand Loyalty is “the tendency for customers to favour one brand, consistently, above its competitors.” Brand loyalty has always been a valuable asset. But in recent times increased competitive clutter and decreased attention spans have made it an elusive currency. In this article, we list three of our favourite global brands … Read more

How to build exciting brands in low involvement categories- the ‘SPUR’ Model

When it comes to marketing and brand building, not all categories are equal. Some categories have features or benefits that are hard to understand for consumers without expert help. Such categories spawn gatekeepers- perceived experts who influence average consumers’ understanding of the subject and hence the brand choice. Examples range from categories as varied as … Read more

Eight lessons from eight years at BusyBeeBrands

Note from FreeFlowing team: This article has been co-authored by Gurudev Prasad and Suharsh Dikshit, the co-founders at BusyBeeBrands, as they reminisce over 8 years of their journey and cull out some interesting life lessons. December 2022 marks 8 years since we started BusyBeeBrands- a boutique brand-building firm. This 8-year journey has been nothing short … Read more

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Celebrity Endorsements- Pros, Pitfalls, and Principles

Download our free Marketing White Paper

Celebrity Endorsements- Pros, Pitfalls, and Principles

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